Great Western Manufacturing, located in Toowoomba Australia

Explosives & Ordnance Storage

Great Western Manufacturing's Explosives Magazines comprise a range of modular designs with common doors, ends, venting systems and hold-downs, to cater for explosives, detonators, ordnance and other hazardous goods. Nominal storage capacities include: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 7500, 15000 Kgs.

Great Western Manufacturing's Explosives "Day/Carry Boxes" are manufactured with solid quality construction in two sizes from lightweight aluminium to the requirements of Australian Explosives Code.

Jim George of Great Western Manufacturing said: "The decision to design and manufacture this product originated from unsolicited market enquiries, extensive market research, input and advice from the Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation - Mines & Energy (with regard to new statutory requirements for on-site explosives storage) and our close proximity to major explosives equipment manufacturers."

The end result is a dedicated purpose built relocatable magazine, manufactured utilising material that meets current requirements for ventilation insulation and security.

The current product range currently consists of relocatable magazines for the storage of 500 Kg up to 15,000 Kg of explosives, detonators, MILSPEC, fireworks and other hazardous materials where security is of paramount importance.

The design of these units is modular, each having a heavy duty door, 3 bar locking system, a full venting system etc. Length and height variation is used to govern the nominal storage capacities. All doors on the 5,000 Kg upwards will accommodate pallet/forklift access as standard.

All magazines are uniquely identified with 2 aluminium S/N compliance plates in order that spare parts or keys can be easily supplied. Corner locking devices on the 5000 Kg upwards are international container compliant, with heights and widths of all models being within the legal limits for road, rail and sea transport.

The introduction of this new magazine range is in line with Great Western Manufacturing’s mission to be an innovative and responsive supplier of Australian manufactured products to the Quarry, Mining & Construction Industries.

Great Western Manufacturing designs and manufactures modular panels with specialized fittings for weapons storage. This flexible system can customize existing rooms, vehicles, armouries or specialized containers to suit your specific needs. Combined with a Great Western Manufacturing magazine the system provides a portable or fixed armoury.

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